New Customer

I am a first-time user, how do I enter the car park?
Drive up the barrier and stop. Push the button on the machine outside your drivers window and take the ticket that issues. Carry this ticket with you at all times.
How do I pay for parking?
You can pay at the pay machines located at the pedestrian entrance. The payment methods available include cash, Visa, Mastercard & Visa Debit, EasyTrip Tag & TAP & GO
I need to park here on a frequent but irregular basis. What is the cheapest rate for me?
The best value for frequent parkers is a Top Up Card which offers a 20% discount on certain tariffs.
What are Premier Cards?
Premier cards offer better value and convenience to frequent city parkers. They are plastic cards that can be reused as often as you like within your agreed parking period. No need to visit the pay station. Premier Cards are available quarterly or annually & offer unlimited parking over 7 days or just weekdays.
What are our GPS Coordinates
Latitude 52.6501 Longitude -7.2527